Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Happened to Gracie Gold at Seoul Four Continents? #4CCSeoul

What happened to Gracie Gold at Seoul Four Continents?

Ariana and I are HUGE Gracie Gold fans and like so many others were shocked at the results at Four Continents at Seoul. We were planning to watch this on Monday but when we saw the buzz on Instagram and Twitter (BTW have you followed this blog on Instagram and Twitter yet? :) we went straight to the internet only to see this:


But if you look, Gracie doesn't seem like her usual self. The reason Ariana loves her so much is that she's fun and bubbly, skating to Frozen and so often seen with a huge smile on her face. Here she looks notably stiff--or maybe that's just us? Check out how she enters the rink and takes her first glides about.


According to NBC Sports she turned at least two of her jumps into singles at Seoul and was recovering from a foot stress fracture. If I had to guess with my limited figure skating experience (read: I don't know much but I love skating!) I would say it is a combination of mental stress and the effects of the injury.

How it happens:

To all the skaters and skating parents out there from us please mind your feet! The Mayo Clinic cautions that stress fractures are caused over time by repetitive force... like the force of our favorite, beautiful jumps. Basically our bones are constantly replacing themselves, just like we are constantly growing new skin cells. The old bone cells are "resorbed" like old skin cells are pushed outward and sloughed off. Repetitive force makes our bodies resorb more bone than we regenerate until we have weak spots leading to fractures. Listen to your body and REST!

Here's to hoping Gracie makes a full, speedy recovery! How about you, have you ever had a stress fracture?

Graphic created from: U.S. Championships Ladies FS/VC. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.

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