Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to Master Your Layback: Figure Skating Friend Tips

If you've been wanting to get your Layback spin keep reading, this post is for you! Ariana and I stumbled upon an awesome Instagramer that agreed to share her tips with all of you lovely readers (we find so many wonderful figure skaters there--be sure to follow our Instagram page to keep up!). None of us are coaches or doctors, so be sure to consult yours, we're just here to share some figure skating friend tips. :)

The lovely xflexible_inspirationx says:

Prepping for a Layback off ice:

"Of course stretch your back and your splits and everything and prepare for it; always practice your balance skills. Practice holding the Layback position off ice before you start on ice. When you are first learning your Layback on the ice you should have already mastered all three basic positions: scratch spin, sit spin, and camel spin (along with the backspin). You should have a solid five or six revolutions at least on your scratch spin.

Start with just an attitude; an attitude is when you raise your leg in the air at a 90° angle like how you would for a Layback so practice doing that but do not push your head back or attempt the Layback position quite yet."

Getting your Layback off ice:

"Once you think you are ready for a Layback here are some tips:

  • Remember to push your hips forward. Don't just bend your upper back, it makes it look a lot prettier.
  • Always keep your foot on your your free leg turned out and pointed. Make sure it's never out to the side (control your free like so that it's behind you not to the side of you)."

Getting your Layback on the ice:

Yuna Kim in an elegant Layback spin

"When you're first going into the Layback it's important to center it but you should only do one or two revolutions--it should be a very quick transition into the Layback position. Make sure your arms are a little bit above your chest so that they're not too low but don't put them over your head either. You want them to be so that you can stare at your hands while you spin."

Don't give up!

"The Layback is a very challenging position to learn but if you practice it enough it could quite certainly become your favorite spin as it did mine. Mine used to be horrific it looked horrible, just horrible, but after practicing it looks a lot better than it did when I first learned it. To gain speed you have to learn how to use your momentum with your arms and your leg so it's different for everybody it's just a personal thing."

We hope this helps!
A HUGE thank you for the tips and allowing us to feature her--be sure to follow xflexible_inspirationx on Instagram!

Photo Credits:

Graphic created from: DSC_2621 by Winkelbohrer. CC Attribution 2.0 License.
Figure Skating Queen YUNA KIM by { QUEEN YUNA }. CC Attribution No Derivs 2.0 License.

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